Education: It takes a community


It takes a community to educate. Schools can’t do it alone. Currently schools are the scapegoats for all that is wrong in our society. When there is a drug problem, need for more drug awareness programs. When there is a bullying problem, time for anti-bullying training at our schools. When employers don’t have enough trained applicants, new legislation appears to change curriculum. When obesity is a concern, a push for nutrition and physical education emerges. When literacy rates drop, time for reading competency laws for schools. Schools programs do help and often times work when supported by the community, but schools can’t fix all the issues alone.

Schools need parents that value education and support the schools efforts at home. Sadly many of the students needing the most help, have little support from home. Many parents are happy when school starts, not for their child’s learning. They rejoice that their daycare bills are gone, so school becomes free day care. Students arrive late, leave early or just don’t show up. Parents often opt for vacation that are cheap, these don’t usually fit the school schedule so their children are pulled out and miss school. Yesterday, first day back after our “spring” break, I was informed by a student that they were going to Florida Thursday for a week. These choices don’t support the educational process or our schools.

Schools need businesses to value our efforts. Many business advertise using stereotypes or sex. This choice makes schools jobs harder. Educators work hard everyday to over come stereotypes and calm the raging male hormones. Burger King recently broke the mold here with an anti-bullying campaign.


This is one of the rare times businesses have help create better environment for our students. More businesses need to think about how they empress the youth and not just worry about taken their money.

Schools need professionals to respect school hours. Everyday I have a student called out of class to head to the doctor or dentist. Some students have monthly orthodontist appointments. Why can’t these professional realize that school is important. Take the morning off 2-3 days per week and have evening hours. I won’t patronize a dentist that doesn’t have hours outside of the typical school day.

When students see that everything takes a precedent over school, is their education really important? If we want our youth to gain a better education, it starts by having a community that shows the value of an education!