Like it or not TV has a major influence on the youth of today. It is not the TV of my youth where we had 4 channels to choose from when picking something to watch. Today we have over 100 channels to choose from. When we still can’t find what we want we can stream from the internet or watch something we recorded on the DVR. I love all the options available. I can watch great content when ever I want. The scary thing about TV today is so can my children. What they want to watch is very different than what I want to watch. Often times their desires for viewing are not totally appropriate. Adults need to monitor what children are watching. In my opinion adults need to watch what the children are watching. This way there can be a discussion about content. Children often misunderstand what they see on TV. In my classroom student will say “I saw this on the History Channel last week” and proceed to explain the topic. In theory this is great. It helps “Flip” the classroom and gives students excellent prior knowledge. In reality, it often gives children a misconception because the student only understood a small portion of the material presented.

To sweat to inspire the youth in your life please watch TV with them. It might mean you won’t get to watch your favorite show now and again but it will create rich discussions about what is consumed.