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Sweat to Inspire is a movement for all people to use their positive actions to influence the youth around them. The Blog is about ideas around education. How to improve it for the youth of tomorrow.

Who is Author of this Blog:


Todd Bloch:  A middle school science teacher, with over 15 years of teaching experience in Metro Detroit. He holds a M.A. degree in Middle Level Education, BS in Geology and BA in Communications. He is inspired by his 3 children and wonderful wife to make a small difference in the world.

Todd organizes Middle School Chat #MSchat on Twitter, Thursdays at 8 pm ET. He also is part of the #MichED organizing team.

Here are my pod-casts on Google Play:

In the News: 

Michigan’s average teacher salary in 2017-18 was lower than in 2009-10. M-Live  – April 2019

Failed Silverdome Implosion a “good” mistake. M-Live – Dec 2017

Silverdome Implosion a teachable moment- Huffington Post  – Dec 2017

Teachers and Students deserve better than Devos- The Detroit News – Jan 2017

Educators concerned about Devos appointment – Fox 2 News – Jan 2017

Extraordinary Learning for all – Rick Joseph  – Dec 2015

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