Podcasting as an educator


I have been podcasting using the Anchor app. Why? Well using Anchor it is quick and easy. With just a tap of a button I can record. I am not doing anything fancy just recording my reflections, thoughts and observations about education. It can be done any where with just my phone. It is that easy. Open the app, press record and boom, a podcast is born. The app is free and distributes your message to all podcast networks from I-Tunes to Google to Spotify (who recent purchased Anchor). I find that podcasting is quicker and easier than blogging. I sure don’t have to worry about typos as much!

I used to think Podcasting required a capital investment in equipment, Microphones, digital recorders and editing software. Now it is all contained in one simple APP. I am sure there are others. I attended a PD where a teacher shared about Anchor and BOOM!! I was Podcasting the next day. I am listed using my blog title Sweat to inspire.

I might be using an untraditional format since I don’t like rules. Most of my episodes are short 3-5 minutes, with me talking about a subject and sharing reflections. Mainly it is me sharing what is keeping me up all night. It helps me revisit ideas while making my thinking visible for others to reflect upon. Unlike other podcasts, my casts are short, sweet and simple focused on one main idea. I hope the quick listens inspire others and help them reflect.

Eventually I hope to get my students using Anchor to podcast their learning. Hopefully it will be soon. Give me a listen and maybe you will be podcasting soon.