Why Edcamp?

Why Edcamp? For teacher:

  1. Free- no cost is always good
  2. Collaboration- meeting with other teachers interested in furthering their skills in the profession will help create a more collaborative culture.
  3. Relevant to your classroom- You will be talking with classroom teachers who are currently in the classroom, not professional PD presenters who aren’t in the classroom daily
  4. Relevant to your needs- It fits your needs: you help decide what is going to be presented
  5. Active- Edcamps incorporate all teachers as participants, not a sit and get. The conversations drive the sessions since nothing is “canned.”

Why Edcamps need to be supported by districts:

  1. Free- in this day and age of budget cuts it fills a required need at NO expense.
  2. Saturday – Makes free even better, teachers don’t miss days of instruction for PD
  3. Diversity- Edcamps can fill the diverse needs of a large staff in one setting since the topics presented are diverse.
  4. Teacher lead- being lead by teachers gains staff by-in to ideas presented.
  5. We are on the right track-Since many districts are represented it gives staff a chance to feel reassured that they are on the right track when discussing topics and ideas with staff from other districts.

I am a teacher who likes to learn new things so I am going to EdCampOU. I believe in the Edcamp model so I have encouraged my curriculum director and principal to join me. They are in support of it now so it counts as state required PD hours for all district staff that choose to attend.

You should ask your administration to do the same where ever your Edcamp may be!

TO find out more about Edcamps or if one is happening near you checkout The Edcamp Foundation

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