8 things I am thankful for as a Michigan Educator!

Due to the holiday and my desire to focus on the positive, here is a quick list of 8 things I am thankful for as a Michigan Educator.

1. School starts after Labor Day – love the late start and that our students get to fully enjoy all that summer has to offer them.

2. The Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators project (or FAME)- Best thing coming out of MDE. Best teacher lead PD I have ever been involved in.

3. Edcamps- Michigan is a leading state in the Edcamp movement. We have at least 4 great Camps up and running. Detroit got it started: now we have OU, Bluewater and GR. I am sure I am missing some that are popping up in other areas. (Edcamp TC or UP are sure to come soon.)

4. A supportive administration- All of education is being “reformed”, I am glad I work with administrators that listen to teachers’ concerns and attempt to be proactive.

5. Superintendents who are starting to get IT – Finally I am seeing educational leaders in our state stand up to the bullying tactics of Lansing and the Oxford Foundation Report.

6. PLC Process- our district is in the second year of becoming a Professional Learn Community. Awesome way to learn and grow.

7. Being a member of a UNION– Yes, I value my union membership. Gives me the freedom to teach and know that I am protected, and know the processes that have to be followed.

8. My PLN- I am SO thankful the connections I have made through Twitter. Many of them are here in the state. Part of the #michEd community. They help me learn, grown, reflect, and evaluate what I am doing. Special thanks to Engaging Educators for pushing me and showing me the way.