Dear MTV: Stop making my job so hard!!

Dear MTV-

I used to like watching your channel, back in the day when the “M” stood for Music. It was entertaining to watch the musicians add visual images to their sounds. It was educational to watch MTV news and hear about the music industry ins and outs. Now, I am left wondering what the “M” means. It certainly isn’t music.

I am now no longer a casual viewer, since I can’t hear the latest music. Your airwaves are filled with uneducated reality shows. Don’t get me wrong, there are some reality shows with educational and entertainment merit. But MTV your shows make my job harder everyday.

I am a middle school teacher. You cater to my students’ demographic (a word they don’t know yet).  Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and other “reality shows” give my students the wrong idea of what it means to be successful in life. Jersey Shore depicts young adults partying and living a life of no worries. Student feel they can follow in their footsteps and not have to worry about becoming educated. Teen Mom glorifies teenage pregnancy. Student think it is okay to have sex, get pregnant, have their parents take care of the hard stuff and still be “kids”.

Why are you choosing to model all the WRONG behavior in our country? Their are so many good stories that could focus on the value of education. TV networks today seem to take entertainment too far. Teachers like me are fighting all the negative influences on our youth. If you haven’t noticed we are loosing the battle according to international testing numbers.

Students spend almost as much time in front of a TV as their teachers. We need your help. Producers, like yours need to find ways to project a positive image of educations and moral values. MTV used to have a variety of shows that helped shape the moral fiber of youth. Now the channel seems filled with shows that display bullying, poor choices and highlight characters lack of education. It appears MTV has chosen to highlight “How to succeed despite your efforts and education.” Seems like a simple formula, become outrageously stupid (Like the JACK ASS boys) and you will be extremely rich because MTV will pay you.

If we, the United States community are going to turn the ship around, we need our media outlets to change. MTV along with other media outlets need to focus on positives. How to work hard, educate yourself despite your situation, and show respect. This will be the only way teachers, like me have a chance in succeeding.

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