Educational Off Season!!

It is the educational off-season. Students and teachers alike are taking a break from the daily grind of 5-days a week of school. No assignments to complete or grade. Lesson plans are left on the shelf and relaxation takes center stage. Those involved in education need to be mindful of staying sharp and improving their game just like athletes. Here are a few tips to keep your game sharp:


Student/Parent Tips

1. Spend time outside- exercise, play and explore all things. Go to a Zoo, park or playground.

2. Take a break daily- Don’t run you motor at 110% all the time. Take time to just relax and chill -out.

3. Read- Yes, I said it you need to continue to read, try to set aside some of your daily relaxing time and spend it with a good book.

4. Have a hobby- Summer is time to explore things so pick up a hobby, Playing a sport or building models find something you like to do.

5. Limit screen time- Parking yourself in front of a screen is not productive. Sure spend an hour or 2 a day watching a movie or being on-line, but don’t make it your entire day.

6. Stay on a regular schedule. Try to stay close to your school schedule. Maybe sleep an hour or two but get up for breakfast and go to bed by the local curfew (most states is 11 or 12 pm)

Teacher Tips:

1. Take a break- Give your mind a break from educational duties. Go have fun. (Just not all summer long)

2. Read- Read something non-educational and stay current with educational trends.

3. Set goals- Set small weekly goals as to what you will be accomplishing to make your self ready for the school year. Check them off as you go.

4. Attend PD or follow it on-line- Improve yourself, attend local PD or follow PD virtually. There is so much out there that you won’t have time to check out during the school year. Many conferences like ISTE are during the summer months.

5. Try something new- Examine a new tech tool or teaching style. Summer is the time to decide if you want to try it in the classroom in the fall.

6. Shop back to school sales- Sales start in July so make a list and get what you need. (Since school here in Michigan does not start back till September I often forget/miss all the sales.)

7. Travel- Get out of your town and explore something new, the next town over or the other side of the globe travel always gives you a new perspective on things.

8. Be Ready- Make sure you are ready for day 1 because your students sure will be.

Enjoy your off season!! Remember the goal is to comeback in the fall better than you were before.

One thought on “Educational Off Season!!

  1. You should also evaluate your performance as a teacher over the last semester/term. Did you meet your goals? What areas did your students master and why? Where were they weak? How can you improve their weak areas? How can you improve your teaching during the next teaching cycle?

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