Collaborating PD- #collabed

During the last two afternoon, I joined #Collabed chat for special PD sessions on how to use twitter as an educator. Both days the chat had the same theme of how Twitter can assisted educators and help them expand their personal/professional learning network. The chats were in conjunction with professional development in Grosse Pointe School lead by @TwoTeacherZ. This type of PD is going on all over in education. Educators are realizing that collaboration is the key to our success. We need to work together for the good of our students. Twitter is a wonderful tool to enable us to collaborate. It takes teachers off of the island of teaching and into the waters of learning. If you missed the chat you can find both days archived here using Storify. IF you are an educator I recommend that you take the time to join the conversations on twitter. #Collabed Chat is starting up in September every Monday night at 8 pm EST with hosts @TwoTeacherZ and @JaimeArmin .

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