Make every day like the first!!

Today was our first day here in Michigan. Teachers arrived early, decorated their rooms with care, lessons and activities were months in the making. Students arrive well before the start of school, flooded into the classrooms like a One Direction concert was about to begin. Engagement was maintained, few hall passes needed. All left tired but excited and satisfied with having a GREAT day. 

What happens tomorrow? 

As my experience tells me as the year goes on and we get into the long haul that is the educational season: Teachers arrive later and students tune out.  Lessons aren’t as sharp and behavior slips. 

How can we as educators maintain the first day feel? We have to remind ourselves the first day went. Maintain the energy and enthusiasm. Hold our students to high expectations for learn. It is our JOB to make every day count. Creating learning environments where students want to be in class and want to learn. 

The best thing about today was that the students wanted to be in school. Many stated that they missed be in school and were more than ready to return. 

Now to work on my student hobbies: Number one hobby stated today was sleep. Is that really a hobby? I don’t think so… 

Have a great school year and remember the energy and excitement of the first day when the nights get long and dark. 

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