Thanks… Focus on positive and let the negative fall away!

It is that time of year, where you reflect and give thanks for all the positive things in your life. As a teacher it has been easy to get caught up in all the negativity. The profession feels like it has been under a relentless attack lately, but there is so much to be thankful.

  1. Professional Learning Network- Such a positive group of teachers can be found on social media. When you are feeling down, have a bad day, they are always there to pick me up. I have yet to have a negative experience with my PLN. You engagement me, challenge me to grow and do better, give me comfort after a long day and never let me settle for being good.
  2. Collaboration- Teaching is in a time of transition from teachers being alone in rooms doing their own thing to a model where teachers collaborate to create awesome learning experiences for their students. All who have collaborated with me, thank you for opening you minds and sharing what you do in your classrooms so I can be a better teacher.
  3. My Administrators – They get it! Knowing how to comfort the afflicted teachers and challenge the comfortable. Always striving to exhibit the traits teachers desire. Thanks for being humans, not robots, striving for the best learning environment possible.
  4. #MichED – Thanks to the vision of Jeff Bush for spearheading the efforts to start this group of Michigan teachers. You all inspire me. The weekly chat is just the tip of the iceberg. Meeting many of you face to face has greatly enhanced my learning when attending Edcamps and conferences. Looking forward to the Connected Educator Unconference in Boyne City in January to meet more of you.
  5. AMLE– Thanks for the support with #mschat. Everyone at AMLE has an incredible energy and enthusiasm towards teaching students in the middle level. The passion that you bring out in members inspires. I can’t wait till we collaborate again. (Great chat coming in January).
  6. MEA– Protecting the risk taking teachers is a hard job. Many of us would only be good without the knowledge that the union is there to protect and fight for teachers rights. Being a union person is not a glamorous job (similar to teaching), it has many critics. The job they do, helps us all be better teachers.

Enjoy your break with family and friends. Focus on all the positives we have in life and teaching. Be the change you wish for in education.

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