Its a Snow-Day now what should we do?

YEAH! Snow-day!!

Of course that is our children’s first reaction. Then when they finally wake up to the day, we get,”I am bored.” Happens every time. As parents we ask “What do you want to do?” After wearing out the screens in our house and bumming around the house utter boredom quickly follows.

Here is a quick list of things to do on a snow-day: (Non-tech)

1. Make snow Ice Cream; most of the things you have in you cabinets just need fresh, clean snow from outside! Recipes are all over the internet and easy to experiment with. Here are a few.  Basic formula is:

  1. Snow- about 4 cups – make sure it is clean, don’t want yellow snow!
  2. Sugar- to taste about a cup
  3. Vanilla or cocoa- TSP
  4. Milk or cream if desired

Short video showing how to do it!


My kids wanted to add Maple syrup and wife added coffee, all turned out well

2.Conduct cold weather experiments like these. My son Griffin had tons of fun with the boiling water as seen in this video:

Or you could set up a green-house and melt frost as described here.

3. Build something cool out of the snow!

Let your child’s imagination run wild!! I even saw a snow alligator once.
4.  Books, puzzles and board games- What we did before technology. Our children can greatly benefit by being exposed to tools of the past.
5. Expose your child to crafts or your hobby. When I was a child my grandfather introduced me to coin and stamp collecting. My mother exposed me to cooking and crafts. During a snow-day spend time and share your crafts and hobbies with your child. Build or make something that allows you to make a connection with your child. A good place to start is spoonful’s website.
If all else fails, helping out with chores around the house keeps the children busy and helps them learn about shared responsibility. They can help shovel the snow, clean up room, sort through toys, and put away laundry.
Enjoy the snow-day with your children by giving them meaningful things to do. Have fun, stay warm and safe!!

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