In a time of causual work attire: Dressing for success in school

In a world of casual Fridays, golf shirts and dressing down it is nice to see people dress up for a day!This week our school is having spirit week to help celebrate the year of learning. We have your typical school pride day, favorite sports team day, Grade color day etc, but Today we took things to the formal level. Dress to Impress Day or as I called it Dress for success. Image

Students and staff Dressed up! T-shirts and Hoodies gave way to nice dresses, coats and ties were seen all over the school. It impressed me. Student behavior seemed better. Students stated they felt good about themselves because they were getting compliments. The overall feeling in the building was that of pride! Of course not every student can participate. A few commented that they had “nothing” dressy to wear.


It was nice to see students take pride in their attire. Girls learned that heels are painful for their feet to wear all day. I took the time to help boys learn how to tie their ties.  It felt great for me to get compliments for being dressed up, finally being called “professor” by a group of students. (My normal attire has me looking more like a golfer than a teacher.)  Staff spent time modeling how to dress for success. I feel it was a very valuable experience for our students. Very different than the typical school spirit day.


A big thank you to our wonderful building staff for modeling how to dress for success! The student council and their leaders should get kudos for planning a day of modeling self-pride.

Next time your school is planning spirit week, place a positive day like “Dress for Success” next to wacky Wednesday and Sports Team Friday. You will be glad that you do!!


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