The Value of EdShelf #SaveEdShelf

Have you heard of “EdShelf”? I hadn’t either, until recently. I saw a tweet from a fellow educator promoting the hashtag #SaveEdShelf. It promoted my interest. What was this site? Why should I help save it?

I visited the site to see what all the buzz was about. EdShelf is a socially curated directory of educational resources. As I explored the site, I found it to be an amazing resource. Since I started teaching I have been looking for a one stop location to find resources for teaching. EdShelf is just that. It gives links to thousands of tool along with peer review. Where has this site been hiding? Obviously EdShelf is a valuable small budget start up. Many tools start this way, just ask Remind and Edmodo. EdShelf has just struggled to take hold.

A few days latter I included EdSelf in a presentation to a group of connected educators. Nobody in the room had hear of it. When I explained the value, many were eager to learn more. Educators and School districts have very tight budgets. EdShelf is a wonderful tool to help us use our limited funds wisely. Instead of a flashy sales pitch from a vendor looking for a contract, EdShelf provides review of tools by teachers who are using them, listing pros and cons sales teams often fail to notice. 

Now EdShelf needs our help. This FREE service is running out of revenue to stay afloat. This hidden gem for educators needs to stay around. I value the service so I am helping fund their KickStarter Project. Please help if you can. Their campaign ends soon. I urge you to check it out and if you can afford to help Please do! Thanks in advance. 

One thought on “The Value of EdShelf #SaveEdShelf

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and support! Edshelf is definitely a labor of love and I am so grateful for the amazing support the education community has been giving me! I’m so honored and hopeful to continue serving educators too!

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