From me to you THANK YOU!!

As I wake this Thanksgiving morning to the wonderful sounds of my children excited for the morning parades. I want to thank so many people who make my life more enjoyable.

1. My students: Thank you for being such a wonderfully diverse group. Making everyday different. Sure we have many challenges in the classroom but we conquer them together with a growth mindset. You make my job rewarding and fresh.

2. My co-workers: You are there to challenge my thinking and give words or encouragement when I am down. I thrive on the small conversations we have in the hallways. Thanks for listening to me, hearing my concerns and helping me move forward. I hope I am as valuable to your teaching as you are to mine.

3. My #PLN- This pass year has been incredible. I have learned so much from you ALL from twitter and face to face meetings at all the Edcamps and conferences I have attended. I value each of you. Please keep being awesome. You are there to pick me up and balance my thinking. From #michED to #COLchat our interactions have been a valuable part of my growth. Especially my #mschat community, you have provided so much support in my instruction.

4. AMLE- It is so great having a national organization that supports teachers in the middle. SO much passion found in everything you do. I feel so supported knowing that when I need help, AMLE is present to provide it!

5. Free Technology for Teachers – Being a teacher today has a few drawback but the positives far out-weight them. So many great technology companies are supporting us in our classrooms. From the larger Google to the small Remind from Twitter to Edshelf these tools provide teachers with powerful ways to connect to students.

I especially want to thank TechSmith for being ever present in the state of Michigan. Helping sponsor just about every conference and #edcamp in the state. Without all of these wonderful companies supporting classroom learning, my job would be so much more difficult!

Have a wonderful day to ALL. I am grateful to have you in my life!

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