I love teaching.

I love seeing student come to the ah-ha moment after a long struggle showing learning has occurred.

I love the smiles in the morning as I say hello at the door.

I love the “We missed you” accolades when returning from a day off.

I love teaching.

I love it when my principal takes time for feedback.

I love it when I receive a positive note in my mailbox saying I liked your lesson.

I love it when the hard work is afforded a thank you.

I love teaching.

I love working with passionate co-workers.

I love planning as a team.

I love when we ALL can celebrate our successes.

I love teaching.

Take a moment and reflect.

Let all the negative be cast aside

ANY teacher will tell you


A reminder to myself when I am down and blue, I went into this profession due to love that is undying for learning and unwavered by paper work or policies that go against the true grain of the profession!

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