MACUL 2015- Governor Please stop by ….


Dear Governor Snyder and State Legislative Bodies-

Education is high on your agenda this year. You speak of it often. Education should be a priority in the state of Michigan. Many educators in the state of Michigan feel that our jobs have been used as a political football by both parties passed around to gain votes and attention. Do you want to see and hear REAL educators, who are passionate about teaching and student learning? Educators who are making the best of the limited resources they have and being true innovators? I know the answer is yes. SO mark you calendar and come down to Cobo Hall in Detroit, March 18-20 to the MACUL conference (Michigan Association For Computer Users in Learning). This is Michigan’s Largest Teacher Conference with over 4,000 attendees.

If you choose to attend, You will hear incredible stories about students. You will have the opportunity to talk to teachers first hand and ask them HOW you can improve education? You can ask which of your policies work and what policies need to be changed. By attending MACUL 2015 you will bring attention to all that is great in Michigan Education.  I know you were just here in Detroit for the Governors Education (and Economic) Summit, but that was for the leaders of our schools and businesses, MACUL is a conference for teachers from ALL levels from all over the state. You will gain great insight into what is going on in our schools. When you attend make sure you look for sessions lead by Michigan Teachers for there are many to choose. If you need help picking sessions I am sure that the last 2 Michigan Teachers of the Year can help. Luckily Gary Abud Jr. and Melody Arabo will be presenting and I am sure they will gladly make suggestions for you.

I can’t wait to see you at MACUL 2015. Thank you for your time.


#MichED Teachers