7 Educational What ifs ….

 Educators need to start thinking outside the box; focusing on WHAT IF questions. Here are some society needs to tackle.

  1. What if we funded education like we do sports? We spend billions on sports annually, do they add as much value to the world as our educational system?
  2. What if we stopped bashing teachers and supported them? Teachers have been slammed everywhere they go lately. Just think if teachers felt valued and were treated like professionals.
  3. What if all businesses had vested interests in their community schools? Businesses seem so disconnected with today’s school system, shouldn’t they be more involved.
  4. What if there was more collaboration in education? Currently most educational models have schools competing for students, shouldn’t they be collaborating for students’ learning instead?
  5. What if education was about sharing ideas instead of making capitalist profits? Many business models are set up to profiteer off of our public schools, should it be more about the common good!
  6. What if teacher voice was valued more than special interest think tanks and politicians? Teachers are the experts, shouldn’t they be listened to more than all the so-called educational reformers with no classroom experience.
  7. What if university schools of education worked with in school districts? Many schools of education are so disconnected with real schools. Need to make teaching schools, just like teaching hospitals for doctors.

I am sure their are many more What if questions we need to be asking, be sure to add yours to the comments.

4 thoughts on “7 Educational What ifs ….

  1. What if…..
    all our students had someone at home with the means and ability to support them in their learning.
    all our students had access to the programs that interest them and meet their talents.
    all our students had the time and practice to master learning objects.
    all our students experienced a least a bit of success everyday.
    all our students’ various talents were celebrated no matter the talent.
    all our students could experience museums, theaters, zoos, libraries and local landmarks
    all our students felt safe and loved at school.

  2. What if politicians were evaluated the same way teachers are AND what if they had to work on Merit Pay?

    What if becoming a teacher wasn’t viewed as a stepping stone to a “real” career?

    What if teachers were in charge of their own PF at school?

    What if students had a voice in the conversation when it comes to testing?

    What if teachers were just allowed to teach?

    What if students were given more time to play instead of more time to test?

    What if our Secretary of Education was a former teacher?

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