United we stand… divided our students fall


Our education is a divided house here in 2015. Due to our divisions we are failing our students. Education principles are being drawn in all directions. Divisions run in many directions: Public vs Private vs Charter Schools; Teachers vs. Administrators vs Legislators; numerous foundations pushing and pulling influence. All have ONE common goal EDUCATING leaders of tomorrow. Too often these divisions rip apart our education system.


In this time of limited resources, stakeholders need to join hands, united our voices and act as one for our students. Educators have to be the model we want our students to follow. If we can show students how to collaborate to solve the current educational crisis, we will succeed. This crisis was made by stakeholders attacking each other instead of looking at the problem in front of us. We can no long blame education’s issues on teachers, unions, or administrations. Our issues belong to all of us; our society.

Everybody in education is doing their best to bring success to their students. Many in the classrooms feel the battle is up a steep hill with many on the sidelines hoping of our demise. Without a collaborative effort our best classroom teachers will leave for greener pastures in administration or the private sector. Educators need to be lifted up from the babysitter class to be on a professional level with doctors, lawyers and financial advisers. If we listened to teachers, empowered them with collaborative practices instead of isolating them in ONE classroom, OH the PLACES education could go.

Any group that attacks teachers is not working in the best interest of education. Foundations and think tanks that focus on dividing schools and teachers leave education ripe for the picking of for profit corporations. These corporations are ready to swoop in, taking per pupil funding away from students as they line their CEO’s pockets. Foundations in education need to help raise educators diverse voices, facilitate connections across schools, districts and state lines, while creating resource databases for all to use. Instead many seem to be dividing education up in hopes of selling a silver bullet cure all for education.

The time has come for ALL in EDUCATION to stand UNITED.

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