I stand with Detroit Educators!

Stand with D

Over the past two days national media has taken notice of Detroit Public Schools. Why? The teachers have being protesting conditions by staging a “sick-out”.  Some of our legislative leaders have questioned the legality of these actions and are proposing new laws to prevent it from happening in the future.  Stating:

“I couldn’t be any more disappointed,” said state Sen. Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Twp., who chairs the Senate Education Committee.

Well Sen. Pavlov, the teachers in Detroit share your disappointment. Their schools are falling down, are cold, full of mold and mice as reported by Mayor Duggan after his tours yesterday. Disappointment in the system that is failing their students, disappointment in the legislature for inaction, disappointment in the lack of a voice.

Why did teachers take action of a sick out? NOBODY in LANSING was listening to their concerns. NOW you are at least noticing the issue. A sick out is an extreme measure to take. Teacher loose a valuable day of instruction an their earned sick time. The sick-out costs the teachers. There must be something wrong for them to take this action. The teachers in Detroit want solutions NOW. They have heard Lansing talk about all their issues. They have taken pay cuts and work in crowded classrooms. A emergency manager has been running the district, things continue to get worse with not solution in sight. When teachers voice their concerns they are pushed aside. Lansing has not taken action.

Where I work, a sick out will never occur. (Like most of the 550 districts in Michigan) WHY? Our administration is run by our local elected school board. They are concerned about our students learning conditions and understand that teacher working conditions impact learning. When issues arise they respond. Leaders have relationships with the staff and community. None of this is happening in Detroit. Legislation to prevent sick-out won’t fix the problem.

Lansing needs to visit Detroit schools and ask the teachers for solutions for the solution lies with in them.

I Stand with Detroit Teachers, I feel their pain and sacrifice for their students. THEY are not the enemy. THEY are standing up to help fix the schools in DETROIT.  If the teachers did not take a stand their communities’ voices would not be heard. We live in a democracy where every voice is valued. Lets value the teachers voices in Detroit and make real change.

Fellow educated citizens please stand with the teachers in Detroit and help them fight for solutions for their students.

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