Never taught ….

“He missed something in school, Mr Bloch!” was the first response when my 6th grade advisory watched this video. A friend had tweeted the video out earlier in the week. After I watched the video, I wondered how my students felt. Our 6th grade class had an incredible discussion about school following the video.

First point my students understood: “Boyinaband” missed the true purpose of school, to learn how to learn. Students attend everyday to get exposed to knowledge but most of all to figure out how they learn best. Students learn methods to help them grow. Many lessons are also for exposure to what might be a career. Student dissect frogs and learning about cells give students exposure to science and possible medical careers.

Second Point: Many of my students felt they did have lessons connected to their current needs. They shared examples of how their Social Studies teacher connect lessons to our current laws. How in science we made connections to health and wellness. In language arts teachers made references to writing resumes. Connecting our lessons to our students lives has been a push in our district. My student gave great evidence that it is working.

Finally, “Boyinaband” does make some good points. My students want to learn more about coding, finances, health care and technology. We don’t have offerings for them. Our curriculum is too defined in what “society” wants students to learn it gives little voice for students to find a path of passion. One of my students asked, “Why can’t we have exposure to more fields of study? I want to do more in school, do more hands on experiences like at the science museum. I want to make a video game, create music, build toy, electrically wire a device, you know like a job.”

I was impressed. Why can’t school do more doing, less reading about things and practice that has no relevance. Students need to have choices in their paths of learning. Schools should be less concerned about mastery and more concerned about exposure, growth and effort.

Lets make schools a place where students want to go and learn. So someday they will write songs about all they did learn from their teachers.

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