We’re talking about Bathrooms?


Why are we wasting so much energy talking about bathrooms. In April, I wrote about the impact of the LGBTQ debate has on our students. The debate has raged on and is now spreading to more states. Today the federal government is stepping in to protect transgendered youth. I am sure this is just the start of a long public battle that will cause more damage than allowing students to go into bathrooms of the gender they identify.

Here in Michigan, bathrooms are taking center stage as Detroit Public Schools are in shambles and Flint has pipes full of lead. Fear and hate are energizing vocal activists. Some feel it is un-Christian to allow transgender students to go in the bathroom they identify with. Hmm… The Bible I read focused on love an acceptance.

What happens when a person who looks like a man has to go into the girls restroom, because he was born a girl? or vice versa? Bathrooms might need a bit of a redesign, putting doors on all stalls is long over due anyway. Really think about it, what do others see when you go to the bathroom? It is creepy to think anyone is looking, because only creeps look. People are mostly concerned about locker rooms. Hate to break it to them but students today don’t shower at school and most of them don’t change clothing either. Just ask coaches and gym teachers.

It is time to stop all the HATE and solve real problems in the world.