Show up!

showing up

The alarm goes off at 6:00 AM, Amy, my wife mumbles “Why are you getting up, it is the first week summer break?” My reply as I pop out of bed: “We have things to do!” After a quick shower and a cup of coffee, because the best part of waking up is coffee, I wake my three kids. Amy is slowly dragging through her morning routine to get to work, as our 3 kids slowly trickle down stairs. Grace asks why she needed to get up. “Well Griffin has basketball camp and you and Gavin, well you are 7 so you have to come along!”

As we arrive a basketball camp, I notice attendance down from previous years. The coach already is rethinking his time slot. “Last year we had twice as many players!” An 8 AM start is seen as tall order for many, the week after school starts.

Titan Hoop Camp Photo by T Bloch

During the camp session, a few players trickled in 30 minutes to an hour late. As I looked at the sign in sheet more than 20 players who had paid failed to show up. When I asked a former student where his friends were, his quick reply was “bed!”  Griffin knows that we paid for camp, He committed to going so He goes no complains. We expect he tries his best and no complains. Luckily for us he understands if he commits to something, he gives 100% even if he doesn’t like it. Next time he won’t have to sign up if he doesn’t want to go.

Sadly many children today see their opportunities as optional. From sports to the classroom we have children who forget that the first step to success is showing up. It takes hard work and effort to accomplish anything in the world. Many of our youth feel they don’t have to show up and success will come their way. Adults need to make sure when our children commit to any activity that they show up, try their hardest and be positive. At the end of the first day of basketball camp, the coach told the players:

“You showed up, Step 1 in making the team. You gave it your all: Step 2 at making the team. NOW maintain those efforts and you will make the TEAM.”

Great message for all! Without showing up, we fail to grow, fail to learn and fail to make the team. Encourage our children to show up! It will make all the difference.

We don’t want our children to turn into the adults who never show up!


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