Feeling Unvalued


The media constantly buzzes with the news of how teachers and our schools are failing our students. Politicians bemoan the failings of schools offering up new legislative initiatives to “solve” our educational whoas. Society feels teachers suck!  Many who used to dream of going into the profession are choosing different career paths. Current teachers are all extremely dedicated, care deeply about students and their learning, but even some of them are looking for alternatives to staying in the classroom.


Teachers are valuable to our society. They make every other profession possible. In today’s society many tout their success forgetting how their school experiences molded them. Praising God, mom, dad, their hard work or luck for their success. Just listen to any athlete talk after winning a sporting event. Teachers take a back seat and are frequently forgotten at the end of a long journey to success.

When teacher advocate in efforts of elevating their profession, they are beaten down by society and government. Comments like “Teachers only work 9 months!” or “Those that can do and those that can’t teach” demean our profession. Legislative bodies meet when teachers teach allowing no time for them to give input of policies that regulate their profession. Teachers are constantly reminded that they have to be in teaching for outcomes not incomes. What about other service professions? Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists and Insurance companies? These profession seem to focus more on income than outcome these days! Nobody belittles their career choices constantly.

Teachers need to be valued! As concerned teachers raise their voices listen to them, show you care and hear them. This is how we will attract the best and brightest to the career that needs them!


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