Dear Middle School Student –

Dear Middle School Student-

These years in middle school will be the best of times and worse of times.

Smile often.

You will be experiencing all of the emotions humans can experience (some of which you have never felt before).

Every event will seem life changing.

These years will transform you from a grade school kid to a confident high school student. These changes will be hard but are necessary.

There will be days you fall flat on your face in failure, just remember to get up so that the next day you can glisten in the light of success.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the moments. Take one day at a time.

Be true to yourself!

Don’t change to impress your friends, change because you want to change. Your friends will always be there when you need them.

Listen to your parents and teachers advice. They speak from experience and believe in you!

Speak up when you have convictions so your voice is heard.

Listen to others so you can hear their point of view.

Be kind and courageous.

Remember you matter!

And You will survive!

Thank YOU for Being YOU!

Love A Middle School Teacher!