#AMLE2018 Looking Forward


The school year is still fresh. Hot sumer days are still fresh on my mind. Building relationships is still the focus in the classroom (Well honestly it always is). One date is creeping up on my calendar, The Annual Conference for the Association of Middle Level Educators. I am excited to connect with other middle level educators who know how to connect with the Fortnite Generation, flipping bottles along side their students as they Dab to their success! The conference is jammed pack full of sessions by teachers sharing methods that work in their classrooms. Here are a few key ideas to remember as you get ready for #AMLE2018 in Orlando.

  1. Slow down– Don’t rush from moment to moment but just live in the moment. It will be over way to fast if you rush. Make all connections meaningful. Learn in the moment and don’t worry about the getting to the next moment.
  2. Use the AMLE App–  Everything you need can be found in the APP. Sessions, maps and hand-outs. The AMLE app is designed to make your experience simple. No need to carry around a large program. You can preview sessions and see all materials that will be handed out. Great for before, during and after the conference. I love having access to all the presenter contact info and resources in one handy tool, sure beats looking through all your hand written notes.
  3. Connect– The most valuable experience I have found at conferences is the connections I have made. Sure the presentations are great but it is so much more valuable to be able to discuss teaching practices with others from around the world. I have learned from so many incredible educators I talk to in the hallways at AMLE conferences. Smile, say Hi and invite others to join you. Most attendees are alone looking for others and make connections. We don’t want our students eating alone or feeling left out; let’s make sure educators model this at AMLE.
  4. Share out- Most educators are never lucky enough to attend a national conference. Find ways to share your learning. I blog and tweet during conferences to make my learning visible. Hopefully this is part of your practice. It allows you to reflect on your learning and hold yourself accountable. #AMLE2018 will be a trending hashtag on twitter during the conference, tell your school to follow along.


With AMLE18 only a month away, start planning now. Download the app, pick sessions, make connections. I hope to see you there! Please stop me in the hallways and say Hi, if I don’t first!


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