I am JUST a teacher

Just a teacher

It is heard all the time: “You aren’t just a teacher” or “Don’t say you are just a teacher.” The intention is that teachers have many jobs and are more than the title, but do we say this about other careers?

Just a firefighter? Just a doctor?  Just a police officer? “Just a” any other career?

This linguistic choice is devaluing our profession. We allow others to shift the focus from our profession to how we act with in our profession. It allows society to separate teachers from the individuals who do the job. Justifying treating teachers poorly in society because they stop viewing us as teacher. It needs to stop.

I am JUST a teacher and PROUD of being a TEACHER. Teaching is a difficult job it requires many skills where we make hundreds of decisions in the blink of an eye. Teaching requires unique training in pedagogy and into understanding how our students’ adolescent minds work. Being a teacher is a honorable profession. We are working hard to help mold the youth into positive contributors in our society.

Many neglect to see teachers value by using the “Just” a teacher language. As teachers we need to stand up and claim our profession by being proud of the title!

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