Why I didn’t make your meeting …


Do I really need to explain myself? No! but I need you to know I feel guilt every time I miss a scheduled meeting. I feel I need to explain myself. Yes, I made a conscientious decision to miss your meeting, that obviously was important. I feel that my time can be better utilized. So let me explain.

I wake up early to make sure I am ready for my day with students. I arrive before 7 AM even though my report time isn’t till 8. I need to make sure my copies are made, room is set up for the students, my website is updated and lesson plans in place. I often check in with co-workers about students and if time permits take care of correspondence. Twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) I have students arrive at 7:30 AM because I voluntarily have a video production news cast. I enjoy working with these students who have a passion for what they are doing. It takes up an hour per week in the morning and lunch time (30 more minutes) on Wednesdays to make it happen.  My works days are busy with instruction any free time is used to reflect and collaborate.

When the last school bell rings (3:10), my attention shifts to my children. I am the father of 3. Twin eleven year olds in fifth grade and a fifteen year old in tenth grade. My twins school ends at 3:50, They walk home but I try to get home as soon as I can to help them get going on homework. These two are active. Many days they have after school activities  like scouts, dance, sports and science olympiad starting between 4:30 and 5:00. My Fifteen year old is a three sport athlete and active in boy scouts. This means after school hours require a chauffeur because they are filled with meetings, practices and games. My wife and I are busy making sure that there are no conflicts on the calendar.

I want to be involved and attend your meeting. I don’t shy away from work and appreciate the opportunity to share my voice. If I can’t make a meeting it is because something is conflicting on my calendar. You might not deem my conflict as more important or might ask that my spouse cover if possible. Sorry but my schedule is managed by me, something more important is on the calendar.

Thank you for including me. E-mail me the minutes. Keep inviting me. I will attend when I can. I will contribute when I can. Just think about your schedule and if I randomly tried to fit a meeting in it? The question comes up when talking with my wife: “Why can’t teachers meet during their work day like other profession?” Great question. It seems to make ALL the meetings, to be FULLY involved, one can’t have children or extra activities. It is hard on all educators. We are all busy with family, spouses and outside activities. We can’t make them all.

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