Testimony to State Education Committee July 16, 2020

Tweet that inspired me to act!

As I woke today I read an article from Michigan Advance “Michigan Teachers not invited to legislative hearing on reopening schools.” Emotions quickly filled my heart: anger, frustration, resentment. Concerned stake holders should not have to turn to media to get their concerns heard like Jessica Mathews. Instead of allowing these feelings to overwhelm me, I decided to testify for the committee via video. I hope the members listen to my words and concerns. I attempt to cover the 3 major concerns I have. I didn’t cover all of my feeling because my teacher voice isn’t the only one, I encourage who ever sees my testimony to share it and create their own. ALL involved in the educational process need to be given a voice on this matter and have their voice heard. I don’t know a teacher who doesn’t want to go back to face to face instruction but there are huge safety and budgetary concerns. Our government is supposed to be “For the People, By the People.” Lets make it that way. In my testimony I forgot to include student and parents voice. These voices are also missing. I hope the committee seeks them out. Please raise up your voice so educational stakeholders concerns are heard. Lobbyist and special interest groups from out of state should not be the primary voices for reopening our schools.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
My Testimony

Thanks for listening to me. Lets work on a plan that involves all state stakeholders to reopen schools.

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