Here we go 2021

The school year is about to begin here in Michigan. Yes, we start after Labor Day. Tensions are high for many as masks are debated while the COVID Delta Variant is causing cases to rise around the country. As an educator I am nervous. I know last school year was draining. We taught in person from Sept 28 and online. We practiced social distancing. We put in extra cleaning measures. Even with all the precautions we had quarintines and absenses. It was the hardest year I have ever had in my 20 in the classroom. Summer flew by. I don’t know if I (or many of my collegues) can take another year like last year.

As summer started it looked like COVID was waning. Vaccines were available to anyoe 12 and up. It looked like school for 2021-2022 school year would look better. I have been planning for hands on activites and group work. Returning my seating structure to small groups rather that sterile rows that COVID dictated. I have supplies ordered for labs that were abondoned or modified differently. Our students deserve better instruction than we were forced to deliever last year.

I know our students will perserve through what ever our school year brings. As a teacher I am going to be a positive leader in the classroom. Making the most of the time we have together. Learning isn’t lost it is just different as we deal with the interuptions that COVID brings. As we navigate the unknown that every school year brings, focus on our purpose: to grow. Grow as learners and citizens. Over the past 18 months it seems the focus has been on the loss. Loss of normal. Many have shown rage and how ugly humans can be towards each other during this time. Blame has been thrown about and hate to those that don’t act in similar ways to your actions. It is time for civil discourse when people disagree. It is time to listen and try to understand others why. Time to agree to disagree.

Let’s make the most of this school year. 2021-2022 has lots of promise. Time to help our students see it clearly!

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