True Kindness

Yesterday I was amazed by a young girl. I don’t even know her name. 

I met my family at the Green Lantern Tavern to have a nice dinner out to celebrate my birthday. My children were excited to see me as I entered after a long day at work. I have been working longer hours and my three children have been missing me. Grace, 4, greeted me with a smile happy to see me wishing me a Happy Birthday. As we were waiting for the order Grace wanted to go to the entrance area where the arcade is located. We distracted her till the food arrived. We ate, enjoying the meal as a family. Where everyone was done I promised to take the kids to the arcade. We walked over, I gave each child quarters to play one game. The boys went right over to Galaga, something about shooting things and boys, Grace, well she wanted a stuffed animal out of the Claw machine. I hate the claw, money stealing machines, but Grace wanted to give it a try. She dropped in the quarters, move the claw over a blue Penguin. The claw closed. The penguin rose with the claw. Grace was excited, she started to shot out. Then just as fast as the claw picked it up, it fell back to the pile of stuffed animals. Grace was devastated, she started to cry. I being a cold hearted dad , told her it was tough luck. She asked for more money but I refused. A girl, no older than 9, was waiting to use the Claw game. She silently dropped in her coins. She quickly picked up the penguin with the claw and plopped it into the opening. She quickly retrieved it from the receptacle. Turned and handed it to Grace. I was shocked. The young girl started to walk away. Impressed by her actions, I reached into my pocket and give her a couple more quarters. After a quite thanks, she successfully maneuvered the claw to win another prize and walked away,

This wonderful little girl lifted my spirits. Her kindness was true and pure. She did not know Grace and they may never meet again. Thank you “CLAW” girl for reassuring me that the world is full of kindness,