Leading a Student To Water.

I love being a teacher, helping guide students in their learning. Seeing their eyes light up or face brighten when they finally get it. These AH-HA moments really are the reasons anyone teachers. Quenching the students thirsts for knowledge is highly rewarding.

Lately, I have gotten the impression that a growing group of students don’t want the knowledge waters that are being offered in schools today.  Groups of students seem indifferent to what is being presented to them in the classrooms. Saying “So what”, “Who Cares”, or “I don’t need to know that”.

Why? I wish I could answer that one. Is it because they can just google anything thing and get an answer in seconds? Is it because they see no need for knowledge in the world today? or is it that the American culture is about instant satisfaction and education is about a life of learn?

We need to work as educators, parents, and communities to make sure our students drink what we are giving them. The statistics show us falling in the world rankings. Until we find ways to motivate ALL students so they want to seek knowledge instead of randomly access it the fall will continue.

If we lead them to knowledge, drinking it up is expected.

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