Not all evaluations are equal …

As the school year is coming to a close many of district administrators are busy working on teacher evaluations. In Michigan, all teachers now have to have a yearly evaluation. By law a significant part of this evaluation has to be based upon  student achievement data. Has the state given guidance into what data to use and how to use it? Not really. The MDE was supposed to come up with an evaluation model by the end of March. At the end of March, they realized how hard this model was to create and have decided to Pilot a new model in 13 districts state-wide to make sure it is fair.  Meanwhile in all of the districts in the state, evaluations are being done using what each district feels will work best.

So all of the state’s teachers are being evaluated on as many different models for evaluation as districts. These districts will report one of 4 rating for each teacher; 1. Highly Effective 2. Effective 3. Minimally Effective  4. Basic. This is reported in the rep report to the state which is a public record. If this get published think of the chaos.

A teacher ranking “Highly Effective”  in one district could rank “effective” or lower in another district. We will be comparing apples but they are different types of apples used for different thing.

Districts and the state need to report publicly the formula used for creating the ratings. Or better yet, the state needs to void all of the ratings until a universally used system is put in place. This way the public won’t get confused.

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