An open letter to any elected official who is willing to listen

Dear Officials:

First an foremost thank you for taking the time to listen to an educator. Most of us feel unrepresented in this time of school reform.   As you create laws and pass sweeping changes that affect my place of work I would like you to keep in mind a few things.

1. Please listen to educators- the ones who have been in a classroom at least 10 years.

2. IF you feel you need to cut money from schools remember that it means I will have less to pay for student’s meals, snacks and supplies. That is where most teachers extra money goes back into the underfunded classrooms.

3. IF you feel teachers need to spend more time with paper work and training, it will mean I will have less time to coach, tutor, or design high quality lessons. Teachers already work at night and during weekends to keep up with the demands on their time.

4. Address the hidden curriculum. Sure I know we need to teach math, science, social studies and language arts. We should not have to teach: social skills, manners, internet safety, hygiene, etc. Poverty makes in necessary for teachers to teach these needs. Funding needs to be available to help in these areas. Or reform business so poverty is gone.

5. Remember your teachers, you have an education because of them. Teachers make the future and need to be supported and not attacked.


Again Thanks for listening.

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