Lurking on Twitter: Voyeurism at its finest!

When you hear the term voyeur, you mind starts to think about Peeping Toms, and old ladies peeking out of windows from behind curtains. The word has negative connotations. I have recently found that being a voyeur can be a good, if not a great thing.

Twitter gives it users the ability to be voyeurs. Users can lurk on twitter, following hashtags, chats and people. What I am talking about has nothing to do with intimate behavior. I am referring to following peoples thinking and learning on Twitter. Watching people engage in conversations about learning and how they learn is powerful.

On Twitter, groups of people gather to discuss a plethora of topics daily. By following people who think creatively and share openly, an voyeur can learn many wonderful thing. I have personally learned the following:

  1. How to use multiple web applications
  2. Standards based grading systems
  3. Homework policies
  4. About Digital Citizenship Resources
  5. and many more ….

I have found my most powerful learning comes from watching educational leaders and authors show how they learn on twitter. I have followed numerous chats where respected educational minds have lead the discussions and followed discussions. Where questions are asked and answered. Where a group of leaders leads each other in their own discovery of how to lead best. Twitter has the power to connect minds and it also has the power to be transparent and show the collaborative learning that true leadership comes from. Remember being a voyeur on twitter can be a great learning experience.

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