An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama-

First I want to write you to congratulate you on your re-election bid. I voted for you a second time. I feel you earned my vote by being a champion of the working class and focusing on treating everyone with equity. Your first term was hampered by partisen politics, but your efforts were valiant. The Detroit Metro area where I live has greatly benefited by your administrations “bail-out” of GM and Chrysler. These companies are now helping this area revive. My sister-in-law was recently hired by GM after many years of work as a “contract” employee before enduring a long period of unemployment.

Now for my humble request: I ask that you cancel the upcoming inaugural celebrations. Yes, you need to be sworn in on January 20th by noon. Since it is a Sunday, I have heard this will be a private ceremony. I feel that is all  any President needs. Our country is in the process of rebuilding. Many citizens are trying to get back on their feet. Millions unemployed or underemployed. Do we really need a Full week of festivities at expense to the tax payers? At this time when our country is considering cuts to Social Security and medicare, should Washington “insiders” be seen partying in the streets? Even if the party is paid for by private donors, is this the image our country needs now? Can’t the money be better spend somewhere else? Haven’t you spent enough time “hobnobbing” with the rich and connected during the campaign? Shouldn’t you show your family values and spend your time with your family? I am sure your girls have missed some quality time with their father.

Our country does not need the image of a second term President attending a weeks worth of Gala Balls, showing Mitt Romney what he missed out on. Our Country needs a leader, like you, who has the courage to change things and create images that impresses on the next generations. In lieu of the tradition inaugural balls and festivities, why not tour the countries schools to inspire the next generation. Help teachers and students celebrate all the successes and encourage them to move forward.

Mr President, I hope you read my letter and have the courage to act upon it.  Thank you for your time. Please continue to move Forward over the next 4 years.




Todd Bloch

7th Grade Science Teacher

Warren Woods Middle School

Warren, MI

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