The vote in Grosse Pointe tells a bigger story

It was election day here in Metro-Detroit yesterday. Well, for a few communities, mainly voting on school bonds. The most notable bond issue was in Grosse Pointe, an affluent community that borders Detroit along the river. Grosse Pointe Public School proposed a $50.2 million dollar bond issue, to upgrade their outdated tech infrastructure, upgrade security systems and create an one to one technology device program. The community overwhelmingly voted the proposal down. (Detroit Free Press article)  There is more to this story than disappointed teachers and bond committee members. It speaks volumes about American Society.

The Grosse Pointe story shows educators that schools aren’t supported. GP has historically been a community for the privileged who hold education in high regard. The schools are points of pride for the community. The district and supports crafted a plan, held informational meetings and gained vocal support. The community responded by voting down the proposal. When I talked to a few teacher co-workers who live in the community they were upset and frustrated. Mainly at their business minded spouses, who joined the majority in voting down the issue. “We went out to Valentine’s dinner and it cost $275, for one night out! The bond would have cost use about $550 a year but would have been so much better than a night out!” Responded one upset co-worker.  Sums it up for me: Our society is more concerned with their personal entertainment that education. Two nights out on the town are more valued than a year’s worth of education! Truly a sad sign of the times, that needs to be fixed.