#michED – more than just a twitter chat

“So, I don’t do twitter, I can’t be part of #michED.” This is a statement I recently heard from a teacher when asking me about my T -shirt. Huge misconception. Yes, #michED has a twitter chat, Wednesdays from 8-9 pm, but it is SO much more. The twitter chat is just the gateway to connections that #michED community brings. The community is about connecting educators from all over Michigan to share the positives in education. The community includes anyone who wants to help promote great teaching and learning in OUR public schools.

The #michED community began at EdcampGR 2012 out of a discussion on how to connect state educators. Out of one discussion a twitter chat was born to connect educators and share ideas. As the active participants grew, the #michED podcasts were born. The podcasts highlight creative instructional practices found through out the state. Brad Wilson has done an incredible job capturing teaching practices in the state. Over the past year #michED has grown by fostering an environment of POSITIVE EDUCATION. Members of the community have presented at state and national conferences. Teachers meet in person to discuss our practice. Teachers collaborate online to make incredible learning opportunities for their students. In May, #michED issued a challenge (3 actually) to all educators in the state:

Hundreds of educators participated. If you are an educator and want to focus on the positive things in education, the #michED community is for you. Michigan Teacher of the year Gary Abud JR. recently wrote about the community in the Detroit News. Twitter is just a tool many of us use to connect over the many miles of this state. If you want to learn how to use twitter to connect to the community here is a great starting point. If twitter isn’t for you it does not mean you can’t be apart of #michED. The community includes all educators from pre-K to college. Join us at Edcamps, conferences, on other social media platforms. Be apart of the positive change we can make in education in the state of Michigan and beyond!! Look for ways to connect with other like minded educators.

I, like all educators in the #michED community, look forward to making the connection with you! Whether it is face to face or via social media. Lets make a better education environment for teachers and students alike, by focusing on the positive change we can make!



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