Summer is for adventure learning!

Exploring a sandbar

It is summer, how are you and your family learning together? What your kids aren’t in school? You are just enjoying vacation! Well summer is full of all types of learning activities often MORE, yes more valuable than school. Summer offers all of us unlimited self-paced learning opportunities. It is the best time of the year to show your children that you are a learner, and that learning in its purest form is FUN!!  Summer also gives us the opportunity to learn together and show that no matter what your age is you can learn something new.

Fireworks for the 4th

Since school was finished for us June 17th, our family has had numerous learning experiences. Some of them are simple, my 10 year old son is learning simple lawn mowing, chores and responsibility. My twin 5 year olds are learning to clear the table and be responsible members of our house hold. Since not every family has parents with as much unscheduled time as a teacher, make sure to take advantage of family vacation time to learn. We enjoyed our 4th of July in fabulous Boyne City. The 4th Parade allow them to ask questions about veterans and the political process. The fireworks created an entire discussion about safety and explosives. Spending days on a lake leads to numerous learning opportunities ranging from nature lessons about the ecosystem to boaters safety lessons. All my kids have learned so many boating skills their are too many to count. Gavin pictured on the sandbar above has become a fish and is upset when the weather is not favorable to swimming. Another favorite learning activity is tubing behind the boat. An understanding of physics is emerging in their developing minds. After a ride they want to know why they go faster coming out of a turn. When a wipe out occurs friction is discussed.

Walking the pier in Petoskey.

As parents we need to take advantage of every opportunity to learn with our children. We can show them the world. Yesterday when the weather was too cold for lessons on the lake, we moved the classroom to Petoskey’s waterfront pier and the Little Traverse Historical Museum. We learned together about the history of northern Michigan. Afterwards walking the docks of the marina to see all the different types of boats Enjoy your summer by getting out and learning with you children. Don’t leave them to find their own entertainment all the time.  Learning is an adventure that schools can’t contain. Learning happens every minute of every day so make the most of every opportunity!

Tubing on the lake, lesson in physics

Take a moment look around and see what you can learn everyday. School do not hold the key to learn. Learning happens everywhere, everyday. Schools only provide a structure that formalizes learning. Life is a learning experince that never ends!




Petoskey Museum visit

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