#OneWord2016 TIME


I am a teacher, husband, and parent of 3. Time is of the essences to me.

As Steve Miller expresses so well in “Fly Like An Eagle”, time is slipping into the future. So many things I want to accomplish, so many best intentions, I just seem to run out of time for all of them. I care, I give my time to so many causes. I often forget about myself and my family. For 2016 I hope to find a balance in my time so it stops slipping away.

Time for myself. Over the years this has been one of the most neglected areas of time. My health has slipped because I never find the time for proper exercise and doctors visits for regular body maintenance. 27 years of failing to give my surgically repaired back finds me scheduling a surgery for March. After being told it would place me on the sidelines for 12 weeks, I freaked out. After some reflection, it will give me time away from the teaching game to reflect and come back stronger. If we fail to give ourselves time: We won’t be here to give it to others.

Time for my family. For ten years I took my family for granted. Working hard as a provider as my better half stayed home on tending to their needs. When she returned to work last year, I didn’t realize how much it would affect me. We have worked hard to find a balance (Not without many challenges) I now need to help my wife as she advances her career. In doing so I will be there for my lovely three children. All any child wants is time with their parents. I need to make the most of it being an example for my children.

Time for my students. In the classroom we have so much to do, so little time. Teachers often focus on cover all the curriculum that they forget their true purpose: educating children. Instead of rushing to judge my students and their actions, I need to give them time. Time to process their learning, time to understand WHY they might be acting out, time to listen to THEIR concerns, time to HEAR their desires. All Teachers need to slow down and remember they are CHILDREN that need our time. Forgetting test scores and political mandates, teachers need to go with their guts and give students TIME.

Time for my colleagues. Working in an educational setting leads to a team approach. All the teachers have the same goal, educating our students. We need to give each other time to accomplish this task. Teachers need to share what reaches the toughest students in their classes. Sharing the tricks of our trades so students can learn. I need to spend more time working with my team of teachers, discussing our students and how to make sure learning occurs. It is too easy just to close the door and teach only my subject, but I was hired to teach students. Taking time to collaborate is essential for schools success.

As I have read so many great One Word Posts for 2016: Equity, trust, respect, etc… to get to every word I need TIME.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, hope you found it valuable and a good use of your TIME. Allocate yours well my friends because you only have so much.




3 thoughts on “#OneWord2016 TIME

  1. Best wishes for your surgery Todd! Thanks for the reminder of the importance of taking time for ourselves, our family, and our students. Hope 2016 is a good year for you.


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