Dear Governor Veto HB 571


Dear Governor Snyder-

House Bill 571 is not good for our state. It is not good for our schools, communities, police and fire departments. It is just poor legislation. Kim Russell Writes in detail about this bill for WXYZ TV here.  As she says the bill will gag public entities from giving factual information about any bond issues for 60 days prior to an election. They are already ban by law from lobbying/ advertising in favor of bonds.

If you choose to sign this bill you will effectively ruin Michigan. Our already aging infrastructure will crumble. Why shouldn’t public entities be allow to share facts about bond issues? This would be the equivalent to banning politicians from campaigning for 60 days prior to their election! Oh wait no, public institutions aren’t allowed to campaign. It means politicians couldn’t answer questions about facts in their campaign or give any interviews what so ever.

It seems many GOP state legislators did not read the bill carefully enough and are regretting signing it.  If you won’t listen to those that are most affected by the bill. You should at least listen to those in your party who feel that it is an overstep by the government.

Most voters don’t pay attention to bond issues until right before the election. If you sign this bill you will be eliminating their ability to get the facts, creating many uninformed voters. A better bill would be not to allow any information about campaigns until 60 days prior.

House Bill 571 is not go for anyone,   only going to serve deep pocketed special interests. PLEASE listen to your state and veto this bill.

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