Time To UNITE Educators



Dear Michigan Educators-

It is time for all of us to unite in Michigan. From Superintendents to paraprofessionals, teachers to bus drivers, we need to stand together. Our profession is under attack from legislators in Lansing. Last night the House worked till dawn to pass punitive legislation to address the financial woes of Detroit Public Schools. The ramifications of this legislation will negatively impact us all. Nick Krieger of Fix the Mitten compares these bills to setting off a nuclear bomb.

We need to stand together to have our voices heard in Lansing. DPS teachers have tried with sick outs, Michigan Association of School Boards, MEA, AFT and even Mayor Duggan have lobbied against these bills to no avail. Together our voices will be stronger.

What happens in Detroit will be a model for the rest of our school districts when times are tough in Lansing. We can’t have non-certified Educators in front of our students full time. It devalues all of us, minimizing our profession. Teacher certification should not be a legislative tool thrown around to save money. Constitutionally certification is handled by the Michigan Department of Education. Removing ALL Detroit Public Schools Employees from the state retirement system. It places all of our retirements jeopardy. Do we want our pensions to head down the path of the Teamsters?  Adding to a list of broken promises by the state!

Nothing in the DPS “rescue” bills helps education. They leave the district still under state control with less resources, less QUALIFIED teachers and on a path towards failure. These bill have been paid for by for profit charter school advocates that are selling choice at the price of future generations of students.

Every district in the state will be adversely impacted by these bills. It is time ALL School Boards and Superintendents stand together to rise up and help Lansing hear our voices. Brian Whiston it is your defining moment, lead the charge. There should be a state wide, “Snow/act of GOD” in protest to the House of Representatives actions. Superintendents you have to have the courage to lead and do what is right for ALL student in the GREAT STATE of MICHIGAN. All parents, students and educators will stand behind you, our voices will be heard!




2 thoughts on “Time To UNITE Educators

  1. All due respect, I’m w/you but there are some glaring *typos* in your statement. Periods, not commas in 3rd paragraph. 5th paragraph *lead” not *led* 1st paragraph *under attack*?? Not *underact*. Last paragraph *stand* not *stood* together. There are a few punctuation errors as well. Thanks for your message. Stay strong!

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