New Inspiration Day 1

Welcome to Sweat to Inspire.

Our mission is to create a blog of ideas on how adults can help inspire today’s youth.

Our goal is for adults to become more aware of their actions and how these actions might influence the youth around them. With this awareness adults can become  a positive inspiration to all youth they come in contact with in their daily lives.

Our logic is that society (as reflected in the media) seems to feel that the majority of today’s youth are unmotivated and lazy. As has often been overheard “parenting doesn’t come with a handbook” and “becoming a parent is the one thing you don’t need a license but should”.   We hope to help all who come in contact with children: parents, students, teachers, coaches, church leaders, community group leaders, grandparents, etc.

Our focus is to be an agent of change not blame. Adults need to remain positive and focus on what is best for the children they influence. This is not always easy, this is why it takes sweat to inspire the youth of today.

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