Who or What inspires you?

To start the content off I want to ask a question: Who or What inspires you?

I have asked this question every year in my advisory class, most of my students state that their parents or older siblings are their inspirations. Of course they are parents and older siblings always have major influence on people’s lives. Influence and inspiration are similar concepts. Without my parental influence or that of my older brother I am sure I would be a different person.

But for me, there are two main people I think about when it comes to inspiration in my life as a young man. First, is Charles Radel, the father of a boyhood friend, Boy Scout Leader and 8th grade history teacher. He lead by example, he was firm and fair, and around more than my father (who was a doctor). The second person I think of is William H Armstrong. Most of you have heard his name since he is the author of “Sounder”. To me he was my 9th grade “general studies” teacher at Kent School in Ct. The class was a mix of how to study and ancient history. He was a master of the craft of teaching and knew how to motivate. They both lead by example. That is how they inspired me.

So Who or what has inspired your life?

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