Collaboration Adds Time

As a teacher and parent, time always seems to be at a premium. Choosing what gets done is all about priorities. Finding ways to accomplish tasks in less time is a huge plus. I have found that by fostering a collaborative relationship with other teachers helps us all with the time crunch.


Last year, I found myself teaching a new grade level for science. In fact both of the eight grade science teachers were new to the grade level. At first we found ourselves overwhelmed with work. During the school year we developed ways to cut down our load. First, we started sharing everything we were doing in our classrooms online. A Blackboard classroom was created to be a “file” cabinet for us. Sitting down to talk things over was kept to a minimum do to time. Trust Was the key. Each of us trusts the other to create the best lessons for our students. Since our doors are across from each other in the hallway, we can have 3-minute mini-discussions about what needs to be accomplished. We quickly decide what each of us will do based upon our strengths. This collaboration effort has created more time for both of us.


Are work loads ever equal? No, it is not a concern that they are equal. In the end there is a balance. No collaboration will be 100% equal. All parties involved just need to focus on the benefits of working together nor the division of the work load. If I did not collaborate with another, I would have more work. This is the idea people need to focus on when building a collaborate relationship.


Will it cut your work in half? Probably not at first since both parties will have to make efforts to make the relationship work. Eventually the efforts will pay great dividends.

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