AMLE Twitter Event March 28, 2013 #MLEM13

Middle Level Education Month Twitter Event
Announcing another magnificent Middle Level Education Month Twitter Event on March 28 from 7–8pm ET at #MLEM13! Join AMLE, NASSP, NAESP, and the National Forum for a great Twitter dialogue about “The Power of Professional Development and Affiliates in the Middle Level”. Tweet ideas, thoughts, questions, and more with our virtual panelists: Paul Dunford, Rick Wormeli, Doug Herlensky, Summer Howarth, Todd Bloch, and Todd Williamson! Be a part of this awesome online conversation!

This is the second chat for Middle Level Education Month. I am honored to be apart of the panel. The first chat was a huge success, please take the time to join in or look here for an archive of the event later. 

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