Teacher Rock Stars?

I have been hearing of the concept of “Teacher Rock Stars” on twitter lately. I really wonder what it is about. I feel so many teachers do great things. Teachers have to be engaging, playing to a captive audience. So are teachers “Jailhouse Rock Stars”? 

Many teachers are stars that don’t want to shine in public. I talk to so many teachers that feel that “it is my job to get the best and perform at the highest level, I don’t need to make it public or get attention.” Just like the garage/indie band that plays awesome music that few hear the music. Education has thousands of teachers that produce incredible results, that are never recognized as stars in their field. 

It would be a novel concept to have a tour bus travel from school to school filled with incredible teachers presenting engaging lessons. This would create one-time learning events. Is that what society wants? Society needs modeling that presents life-long learning is needed by ALL. Society also needs to recognize it takes all types of music to make the world go around.

Some teachers will be the popular stars of the day, like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Students will flock to their classes and not want to leave. Others will be focused on the classics like Elvis or the Beatles. Students might not like sweating to the oldies but society dictates that this education is also needed and valued. A few teachers might venture into the unknown and find new techniques that amaze learners and challenge the status quo.

All teachers are “rock stars” since they have dedicated their lives to making a difference in children’s lives. Teachers expose students to many different types of music, challenging them to find one to emulate. 

If only teachers could be paid like rock stars!!


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