Reflective Teaching Day 18 – Philosophy

Day 18- @TeachThough  30 Day Reflective Teaching Challenge  

Create a metaphor/simile/analogy that describes your teaching philosophy. For example, a “teacher is a ________…”

Similes for teaching are running rampant in book tiles these days. Teach like a pirate, teach like you hair is on fire, teach like a champion. (All great reads)

My philosophy of teaching is like sailing a boat. You never know how the winds will be blowing or which direction will be the best tack. Keeping one eye on the sails and the other on the wind, constantly monitoring both. Making sure you are heading in the right direction to make it to port on time. Keep you boat level in the water moving ahead, make sure you don’t turn into the wind and in up stuck in irons.

Pirates are champion sailors with their hair on fire.