Reflective Teaching Day #29 – Changes in me

Day 29- @TeachThough  30 Day Reflective Teaching Challenge   

How have you changed as an educator since you first started?

 I have been teaching for 15 years. If you were in my first class and came to watch me teach now, you would notice many differences in how I teach. One thing that has not changed over the years is my passion. I care about my students, care about their learning and take pride in my job. If these attributes of my teaching change, it would be time for me to change professions. So what has changed?

My teaching style has changed. I no longer have a teachers centered classroom. The room is my students, for their learning. Less lecture, few time reading out of textbooks, no class time dedicated to copying notes from the overhead. Learning targets are posted on the white board and my class website. Students know what they need to learn. I don’t know if I deliberately told them this 15 years ago. I do repeatedly now. I grade far fewer papers, give less homework and have more fun in class. I feel this has created a better learning environment for my students. Due to spending the last 4 years focusing on formative assessment in my classroom, I have students reflect on their learning frequently. 15 years ago, I never had students reflect. I make more accommodations for my students when I see their needs.

I think teachers do change with experience. They see what works, what doesn’t. Since becoming a connected educator 3 years ago, I feel the changes in my classroom have sped up. I am no longer afraid to try new things with my students. I don’t fear failing in front of them. Teaching has to change, our students and society is changing so teaching has to change with them.