Reflective Teaching Day 6- Educational Mentoring

Day 6- Reflective Teaching 30 Blogging Challlenge for teachers by @TeachThough

Explain: What does a good mentor “do”?

What does a teaching mentor do? The simple answer is everything possible to help their mentee. Mentors need to be readily available to help when needed. This is often the challenge in education. Teachers are often too busy teaching their own classes to help out in another. Mentors need to set aside time to listen to needs, observe teaching and be observed by their mentee. With out a plan for how to maximize the use of limited amount of time. Mentors need to use technology tools like Twitter and Voxer to keep the flow of communication going when time does not permit  a face to face meeting. 

Ideally Mentors have unlimited time to LISTEN to the needs of their mentee. From my experience the biggest hurtle for mentors to overcome is Judging. Mentors are to HELP new teachers adjust to the job of teaching. Giving advise, being the guide on the side. THEY have to be care in the language they use to NOT offer judgement. When mentees feel judged they stop asking questions and sharing concerns. Effective teaching can look 1,000s of different ways, mentors just need to focus on helping mentees with their needs. 

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